Entire worlds can emerge from simple ideas.

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Sticks Universe

Sticks Universe is a decentralized MMORPG with a big touch of the sandbox philosophy. You need to build everything, from your spells to your house, by traveling through the worlds, looting resources and fighting mobs. The goal is to build an entire universe, where any world can be created by anyone and added to the network, letting players join it like it's a new area to discover.

The game want to merge creativity and skill together to let anyone find his place, and in the ends, see emerging a universe full of diversity. Players has always surprised developers when it's come to creativity, so Sticks Universe try to give a lot of tools (while preserving role play and gameplay consistency) to see what can happen.


Shinsekai is a VR multiplayer sandbox game, the project aim to provide a good scripting architecture to build mini-games or more sophisticated servers.

For now, the project is in pre-alpha and the client will be soon available for pre-alpha testing.